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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licenced builder?
Yes, we are. Our builder’s licence number is 266956C.  If you’re using a building contractor or tradesperson for services such as residential building, wiring, plumbing, draining etc. they need to be licenced. This is to protect you from unscrupulous builders who may not work to Australian standards. Click here to read more.
Do I need to know my budget before contacting you?
Yes, knowing what your budget range is will help us review the project requirements and quote based on what is realistically possible within the budget. Our designs and plans are customised for you in accordance with your budget.
How do I know what my budget should be?
Always use the market value of your property as a starting point for calculating home renovation costs. As a general rule of thumb, the amount you spend on your renovations should not be more than 10% of the current market value of your home. For instance, if your home is worth $1,000,000 the renovation budget should ideally be $100,000 or less.

Click here to calculate your budget.

How long does a renovation take?
This is dependent on the type of project and project size. A full-home renovation can take around 4-6 months + a 1-2 month design process depending on the requirements.

Minor renovations take less time. Kitchens and bathrooms can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks but it’s best to chat with us about your requirements.

Do you offer a warrenty?
Yes, please speak with us about the details of your warrenty.
Are you able to help with the design process?
While we’re not architects or designers, we do help our clients choose the finishings for each project and can connect you with our design partners for larger projects.
What if I already have a designer or architect?
We’re happy to work with any designer or architect you have consulted with.
Do I need permission to renovate my house or apartment?
It’s important that before seeking council approval for projects you check which your council approves – approval projects vary from one council to another.

As a rule of thumb, you find that internal renovations don’t usually need approval from the council unless a project involves structural changes.

Most external renovations, building work, and extensions will require approval. Depending on your council, a seemingly small project such as a new fence or a deck may require approval.

If you live in an apartment, you will need to check with your building manager or strata before conducting any minor or major internal work, as there are usually rules and restrictions.

Read more about planning development here